Business Data Analytics Certification Program

If you want to advance your career, manage and run a successful business, or have the desire to pivot into a more fulfilling, lucrative and growing field, join Greensboro College's newest certificate program in Business Analytics.

Program Fee: The $6000 fee includes: Business Analytics 101 Course, Business Analytics Apprenticeship and Business Analytics Personal Branding, Certificate of Completion and Non-Credit Transcripts

Program Description:
*Business Analytics 101 Course

-Understand the foundations of business analytics
-Strategically detect, analyze and solve critical business challenges using statistics, social media analytics, and enterprise analytics
-Use several methods one learns to effectively manage data with proper data selection, collection, preparation, and visualization
-Draw business insights and effectively communicate data-informed conclusions to the stakeholders at any enterprise
-Prescribe effective business decision-making methods to bring a competitive edge to businesses.
-Participants must pass a thorough assessment exam to be eligible to proceed to month one and two.

*Business Analytics Apprenticeship
-Work on a real analytics consulting project and report directly to an executive team. You will solve unique problems and build your analytics knowledge.

*Business Analytics Personal Branding
-Bring it all together by nailing your personal brand. Here we will coach you on perfecting your resume, begin the job search process and build your linkedin profile.

Tuition: $6,000.00
Class Length: 188 Weeks

Course Sections — Summer 2022

Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat
12:00 AM - 12:00 AM
May 26, 2022